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We are hiring


Telefun Speech therapy is looking for a fully bilingual Speech Language Pathologist to be part of our team. Experience with online therapy is preferred. Must be fully bilingual Spanish and English.

Responsibilities include

  • Evaluating children and adult in the areas of  speech and language 

  • Identifying treatment options

  • Creating and carrying out individualized treatment plans addressing specific functional needs

  • Teaching patients how to make sounds while improving their voices and maintaining fluency

  • Helping individuals improve sentence structure and vocabulary used in written and oral language

  • Working with adults and children in developing and strengthening muscles used to swallow

  • Counseling individuals and families on ways to cope with swallowing and communication disorders

Speech Pathologist skills and qualifications

Skills and qualifications that will assist individuals looking to enter into a Speech Pathologist career include:

  • Analytical skills for selecting the best diagnostic tools and analyzing results to identify an accurate diagnosis while developing an effective treatment plan.

  • Communication skills for communicating diagnoses, test results and available treatments in terms that clients and their families can understand.

  • Compassion when working with individuals frustrated by the difficulties they are experiencing.

  • Critical thinking skills for adjusting treatment plans as required and identifying alternative ways to help.

  • Attention to detail for maintaining notes on treatment and progress.

  • Listening skills for listening to concerns and symptoms of clients so they can decide the most appropriate course of treatment.


Speech Pathologist salary expectations

Please note that this is a contract position. Per Hour Earning will be based on experience. Competitive rates.

Speech Pathologist education and training requirements

Master in Speech Language Pathology 

Speech Pathologist experience requirements

Florida Department of Health State Certification.

ASHA Certified.

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